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Transformation of limo car service from ground transportation to flying cars

Be it a corporate meeting, business travel, wedding reception, or leisure travel, more and more people are showing a penchant for hiring a dependable luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA. After all, when it’s a special event or a special occasion, you would want to arrive in style feeling completely refreshed and ready to dive into the activities. Even when you need a quick airport pick-up or drop-off, airport limo service, San Francisco, CA is what you would perhaps look for if you want to blend luxury with safety and on-time arrival. With a limo service offering you a personalized ride with a professional chauffeur, you won’t need to worry about getting competent ground transportation that helps you reach your destination on time and with utmost comfort. When you sit on the plush seat of a limo, stretch your legs (thanks to the ample space made available inside), or even kick back your seat for a little siesta during the ride, you hardly ever wonder if it was always this comfortable a ride. For those who want to know about the evolution of limousines, an interesting story awaits. Let’s take a quick look at the journey and how things changed from the first time the limos made their appearance.

1- Origin of the limo

Origin of the limo luxury limo service in san francisco CA

It was in 1902 when the first engine-powered limousine was developed in the French province of Limoges. “Limousine” owes its origin to the word “Limousin” that refers to a specific style of hooded cloak that the French shepherds of the region wore. Since the original design of the vehicle resembled the hood of the Limousin cloak with the passengers sitting inside the enclosed area of the vehicle (and thus, being fully protected from the weather) while the driver sat outside, it was called a limousine. These early limos were quite small in size and often had room for just three to five passengers. These vehicles were manufactured in two styles – either with one front-facing seat or with rear-facing seat and a front-facing seat to help the passengers interact with each during their journey.

Though limousines today are synonymous with luxury, they had no luxury associations when they came into existence at first. Someone using an airport limo service, San Francisco, CA today could hardly believe it. Yet, that’s the truth. Early limos in Paris were used as delivery vehicles as the covered area of the vehicle kept the goods dry.

2- Limousines in the USA

Limousines in the USA luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Though earlier US presidents did travel in cars, Woodrow Wilson was perhaps the first US president who used a limo as a mode of transport. By that time, the design of the limo had changed a bit as the driver’s seat was brought inside the car though there was a partition between the passengers and the driver. This separation between passengers and a hired driver gave the limousine its essence and was perhaps the reason why the vehicle came to be associated with privacy, service, and status, all of which stands true to date.

As the limos became more widely available, the sense of status associated with the vehicles increased as more and more people preferred to enjoy their ride in the back seats while someone else was at the wheels to fulfill the driver’s duties. To match the changing perception of limos as a luxury vehicle, the phrase “luxurious limousines” found its way in a romance novel in 1922.

3- The first stretch limo

The first stretch limo luxury limo service in san francisco CA

The image of a stretch limo is the first visual that crops up in the mind of most people when they think about hiring luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA. However, not many know that it was way back in 1928 when the first stretch limousine was created by Armbruster (which is now the Armbruster Stageway Company) in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

When Benny Goodman –a popular American bandleader, arrived in a stretch limo for one of his gigs, the vehicle came into the limelight and thus began its long association with the celebrities. Soon, stretch limos started being used to transport big band musicians as well as their instruments and orchestras. No wonder why these limos were originally known as the “big band buses.”

Soon after in the 1930s and onward, the idea of being driven caught the fancy of many. This helped shuttling services emerge as a prominent option for airport transportation as well as sightseeing tours. Eventually, limos started being used to transport movie actors and actresses to their sets along with their film crew and all the necessary equipment. Thus, what was started by big band musicians was taken a notch further by movie stars, which helped to strengthen the connection of limousines further with the most elite, rich and famous and making it emerge as a status symbol.

4- Evolution of limos

Evolution of limos luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Despite the Great Depression and the Second World War adversely affecting the limo’s prospects, the post-war boom gave a major boost to the industry. No wonder that both the industry and the cars got bigger. From the invention of the Cadillac stretch limo and Chrysler 300, which were a sight to behold, to the arrival of SUV limos, luxury and style was the key. The SUV limo took the whole concept of a luxurious ride a bit further as it blended comfort and luxury perfectly with added features such as space for more passengers, entertainment options like sound system, TV, etc.

Though New York’s first limo service was opened in 1921 by James P. Carey, the modern limousine industry can be called a product of the 1980s, when the expanding financial industry and rapid economic growth encouraged people to ride in luxury and style.

5- American presidential limousines

American presidential limousines luxury limo service in san francisco CA

If hiring a luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA makes you feel like royalty, you aren’t alone. Limousines have a presidential connection as well. Most Americans, when asked to think of US presidential limousines, are likely to conjure images of John F. Kennedy traveling in his stretched 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible in Dallas (Texas) and waving to the crowd before his assassination.

It’s interesting to note that JFK’s limousine wasn’t retired immediately by the US government following his assassination. Owing to the steep cost associated with replacing the limousine with a newer model, the vehicle was re-armored, re-powered, updated, and fitted with a bulletproof glass top which is non-removable. The limo was in service for another 13 years and was used for four more presidents. For Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, additional modifications were carried out. However, the last convertible that an American President used was JFK’s 1961 Lincoln Continental. All the presidential limousines brought in service afterward were closed vehicles heavily modified for security.

6- Modern luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA

Modern luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA luxury limo service in san francisco CA

From the original vehicles that were merely used for ground transportation, limos today have evolved into flying cars that are soaked in luxury and style. From airport pick-up and drop-off to attending parties, weddings, business events, award ceremonies, high school proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. or taking wine tours, a leading luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA such as Pacific Town Car (PTC) can help you do all that and even more.

Though in-car facilities vary from model to model, you can expect some standard ones when you step inside an airport limo service, San Francisco, CA. From plush leather seating, extended head and leg rests, and ample leg space to stretch your legs and relax to surround-sound audio, satellite radio, flat-screen television sets, and wireless charging devices, booking a luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA would mean traveling in style like royalty.

Depending on your choice of limousine service, you may even get heated or cooled rear seating, variable interior lighting schemes or ambient lighting, CD and/or DVD player compatible with the flat-screen television sets, on-board bars, etc. Just imagine getting into a rolling nightclub that comes equipped with a bar, entertainment option, and ambient lighting to set the mood, or stepping inside a luxurious cocoon that lets you rest, get entertained, or just doze off when your destination is far off and you want to arrive feeling refreshed. Unlike your basic and simple formal transport car that makes your ride a boring one and at times, even uncomfortable and unsafe, a competent luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA like Pacific Town Car (PTC) promises to help you travel safely and comfortably with unmatched doses of luxury. Forget feeling unsafe or worrying about missing your flight or an important business meet as on-time service is an integral part of key providers offering luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA.

If you have never booked an airport limo service, San Francisco, CA or haven’t yet taken a ride in a luxury limo, you shouldn’t wait any longer. After all, the divine experience of riding this revolutionary vehicle can’t be described truly in words. You have to experience it yourself to feel the magic of how luxury and comfort blend seamlessly in limo traveling.

If you have never experienced a limo ride, strike it off your to-do list today by riding with an extremely competent provider of luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA such as Pacific Town Car (PTC).

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Safe Driving in Car Service

Whether you are looking for airport pick-up or drop-off in San Francisco, CA, or need to move from one point to another in the surrounding Bay Area cities, your safety should be of utmost importance when getting into taxis and hired cabs. Though a lot of tall promises are made by many such ride-hailing service providers, the reality is that most aren’t met. If you want your journey to be safe and prefer to enjoy a dose of luxury while traveling, luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA like Pacific Town Car (PTC) is just what you need. Unlike your run-of-the-mill car service in San Francisco, CA, opting for luxury limo service would mean a safe and personalized car service that makes your journey an extremely comfortable affair. Whether you are traveling for business or personal reasons, having a safe, luxurious, and memorable journey would ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and raring to go.

How reliable luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA ensure safe driving

How reliable luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA ensure safe driving luxury limo service in san francisco CA

A reliable and reputed luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA like Pacific Town Car (PTC) takes several steps like the ones below to ensure safe driving:

1- Having professional drivers on board who are licensed and well-trained

1.Having professional drivers on board who are licensed and well-trained luxury limo service in san francisco CA

All drivers on the payroll of the company have proper licensing permits. Additionally, these limo drivers undergo special training that revolves around driver duties, safety principles, customer service, and defensive driving skills. Boarding a vehicle whose driver is reckless could mean a harrowing time for the passengers and at times, such a ride may turn into a fatal one. By ensuring its vehicles are driven by licensed and well-trained drivers, a dependable luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA such as Pacific Town Car (PTC) proves how important it considers the safety of its passengers.

2- Conducting proper background and security checks of drivers

2.Conducting proper background and security checks of drivers luxury limo service in san francisco CA

As long as the passengers are on board a vehicle, their safety lies in the hands of their driver. Whether you want to reach the airport to catch a flight, need to go straight to a meeting from the airport, or just want to travel to a destination of your choice for leisure or business, you surely want a comfortable and safe journey. Knowing your driver has been vetted by a certified agency or equivalent, which has conducted a thorough criminal background and security check of the driver, would not only ensure you have a safe journey but also help you have peace of mind. After all, a driver who demonstrates professionalism, is courteous, and exudes confidence is exactly what you need to reach your destination safely and on time.

3- Engaging medically fit drivers

3.Engaging medically fit drivers luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Passenger safety and security are of utmost importance on the roads and it’s the driver who’s protecting lives on the roadways. No wonder why you will find a reliable luxury car service in San Francisco, CA hiring only those drivers who have been certified to be medically fit (by a certified medical examiner) as required by federal, state, and local regulations. Unlike cabs and taxis that may have medically unfit drivers at the wheels, a reliable luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA would always have a medically fit driver at the wheels. Thus, from staying alert while driving to acting fast when sudden decisions need to be made (like taking an alternative route due to roadblocks or driving fast and yet, safely while trying to avoid hooligans, etc.), passengers can rest assured knowing their driver will do whatever is needed to help them reach their destination safely.

4- Having local drivers who know the roads very well

4.Having local drivers who know the roads very well luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Hiring a taxi doesn’t guarantee you of having a driver who’s a local. You may have someone at the wheels who’s a stranger to the city or has just started driving and isn’t aware of the routes or the short-cuts/diversions one can take when sudden disruptions or roadblocks crop up. Since several unforeseen problems can occur on the road, not having a driver well-versed with the locality or one that gets lost amidst serpentine lanes and bylanes could cause troubles. However, with a luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA that has carved a niche for itself such as Pacific Town Car (PTC), you don’t need to worry about such instances. Since local drivers or those well-versed with the area and its driving routes are engaged, you can rest assured of having a safe journey. Even if sudden roadblocks or disturbances happen on your designated route, your driver would be quick to find an alternate route that takes you to your destination without wasting much additional time.

5- Orientation and training for new drivers

5.Orientation and training for new drivers luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Once a new driver applicant meets the above criteria, s/he is usually made to undergo an orientation or training program. This could be an in-house program that the service provider has developed or a few sessions conducted by a specialist, who has been hired by the service provider. Group and one-on-one training sessions, drive-alongs with the trainer followed by those overseen by the trainer or supervisor, vehicle-handling skills, and social skills are some aspects included in such orientation or training programs. The goal of all these is to ensure the new recruit is fit and ready to handle drives independently and competently.

6- Supervision and retraining of drivers

6.Supervision and retraining of drivers luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Providers of luxury car service in San Francisco, CA make a continuous endeavor toward ensuring passenger safety. Thus, their job doesn’t end with getting their drivers’ background and security checks as well as medical fitness examination done or hiring a licensed and well-trained professional. Every driver on their rolls is closely supervised by a senior to ensure safe driving and adherence to all applicable laws as well as regulations. Additionally, periodic retraining and performance evaluation programs are conducted for drivers to get them acquainted with new safety policies or procedures (if any) and to help them adjust to changing client needs as well as market demands. Al these are crucial steps to make sure the provider of luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA is delivering on its promise of superior service.

7- Vehicle inspection and maintenance

7.Vehicle inspection and maintenance luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Getting a competent driver at the wheels is important for passenger safety. It’s equally important to have a well-maintained vehicle. After all, having a malfunctioning vehicle or one that tends to get stuck after traveling a few yards won’t work even when you have the world’s best driver at the wheels. That’s why reliable limo service providers make sure to get all their vehicles inspected at a licensed inspection facility periodically (in adherence to the applicable laws and regulations). Additionally, they are pretty serious about the maintenance of their vehicles and get the job done by professionals. This ensures every vehicle that gets on the road is in top-notch condition and ready to offer the passengers a comfortable, luxurious, and safe ride.

When you try to book a luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA, you will find a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. From Mercedes Benz S-Class and sedan limousines to regular and luxury limo vans, and SUVs, a leading provider of luxury car service in San Francisco, CA such as Pacific Town Car can offer you various options to take your pick from. Thus, it becomes important to rest assured that any vehicle you choose from the company’s fleet would run smoothly (thanks to timely inspection and regular maintenance) and help you reach your destination in utmost comfort and luxury.

Final words

Final words luxury limo service in san francisco CA

Big corporate, business, or personal events often involve alcohol, the intake of which would make it dangerous for you to drive. If you were to drive, you would either have to monitor your level of intake carefully or avoid drinking completely. Most would prefer the latter as even a few drinks can adversely affect a driver’s ability to make safe choices. However, when you have a professional limo driver waiting, you won’t have to worry about safe driving or reaching your destination after your party or event. Thus, you can celebrate and have fun to the utmost without any need of sacrificing just because you don’t have any other transportation mode and need to drive yourself.

Opting for a luxury car service in San Francisco, CA would also mean riding the latest models of luxurious cars like Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes Benz S-Class, etc, all of which come equipped with more than just the latest luxury features. From innovations in seat belts and airbags to other safety features like active/evasive steering assist, active brake or active parking assist, and more, these vehicles have multiple standard and optional safety features to keep passengers safe. Additionally, these vehicles are maintained well by a competent team of technicians, who prioritize passenger and driving safety along with luxury and timeliness.

The safety and peace of mind you get from knowing you are boarding a well-maintained vehicle that’s built for safety and is maneuvered by a dependable driver is matchless. No wonder why those looking for a safe, luxurious, and on-time ride choose a dependable luxury limo service in San Francisco, CA like Pacific Town Car (PTC).